When Men’s Health visited our London gyms there were quick to say that we were “the number one personal training gym in London for functional fitness and real results”. This corresponds to both our London City and London Mayfair gyms, and we believe we have built something that London has been missing for a long time with regards to the European Fitness and Performance Training landscape.

Our London City gym came first, and has housed a great many clients who have undergone incredible transformation to their physiques. In our London gyms, we have created an environment where elite athletes can train with regular people like you are I thanks to our location and top of the range gym equipment and world class Personal Trainers.

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The City Gym 011 UP City

20 metre indoor Sprint Track ideal for every type of conditioning work.

An interesting and eclectic range of ways to perform cardio and interval training – naturally we have a treadmill, a spinning bike, and a rowing machine / ergometer, but what stands us apart is that we have added to the mix a versa climber (too tough and demanding for most gyms, are you up to the challenge?), we have our own private ten flight stairwell and a weight vest that goes up to 90lbs (conjure up the fat loss that you achieve with that!).  Lets also not forget that we also have the sprint track and as well as all the regular body weight work that can be made extra “fun” (in this context this word should be used advisedly) by adding the weighted vest in to the mix!

The City Gym 021 UP City

Dumbells up to 70kg / 155lbs. Away from the world of hardcore bodybuilding this makes us the heaviest place in London.  And if you get strong enough to need even more weight you have our cast iron assurance that we will go even heavier for you!

We also have dumbells as light as 1kg.  Yes not to be outdone in the heavy stakes we also have not one but two sets of dumbells at the lighter end of the spectrum.  Our system and philosophy is that we are open and welcoming of all, regardless of your strength and conditioning levels.

We also have an array of strongman equipment (ideal for fat loss) with a super yoke, farmer’s walk cylinders, weighted sleds, and a prowler.

Atlantis Strength Training Equipment.  Those of you not “in the know” might not be aware of this Canadian company and the unique scope and quality of the products they create.  Needless to say we went to the trouble of importing some of their best items all the way from Canada:

The City Gym 031 UP City

Atlantis Glute Ham Raise
Atlantis Adjustable Step Up Platform
Atlantis Rubber Gripped Step Device
Atlantis Roman Chair Squat
Two Atlantis Power Racks
Atlantis Dipping Platform
Atlantis Standing Preacher Curl

More USEFUL machines than you can shake a stick at!  Too many gyms waste your time with useless contraptions for “inner thighs” or the much loved (yet always dangerous) smith machine.  In keeping with what you would expect of a gym designed by one of Europe’s top personal trainers we have thrown much away and added the most effective devices on the market.

The City Gym 041 UP City

For leg training we have:
3 Power Racks
Cybex Leg Extension
Cybex Standing Leg Curl
Cybex Lying Leg Curl
Atlantis Glute Ham Raise
Cybex Leg Press
York Leg Press
York Hack Squat
Atlantis Roman Chair Squat
Cybex Standing Calf Raise
Cybex Seated Calf Raise

The City Gym 051 UP City

For upper body training we have:
Cybex Shoulder Press
2 Adjustable Pulley / Cable Crossover machines
4 Chin Up Bars, including one specifically designed as thick / fat grip.
Atlantis Dipping Bar
Flat Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Decline Bench
7 adjustable decline / flat / incline benches
Cybex Low Pulley Machine
Cybex Pulldown
Cybex Tricep Pushdown
Cybex Adjustable Row
Cybex Flye Machine
Atlantis Standing Preacher Curl

An assortment of unique pieces such as the one handed Rolling Thunder deadlift device, a trap bar, various fat bars of differing diameters, rings (to make dips and chins that little bit harder), and the always challenging blast straps!

Email: [email protected]

We are open 24/7 for all clients who make an appointment.

Nearest City of London tube stations (Old Street, Moorgate, and Liverpool Street) are all less than 7 minutes walk from our personal training gym.

Relevant London postcodes for finding an UP personal trainer in this area include E1, E2, EC1 and EC2.