Nick Mitchell, Global CEO

Founder and Global CEO of Ultimate Performance, Nick Mitchell is the man that coaches and inspires all of our Personal Trainers as one of the worlds leading body composition experts.

He is based in Ultimate Performance Marbella and oversees all aspects of UP’s commercial strategy. Find out more about Nick Mitchell here.

Joe Halstead, Asia CEO

Graduating with a Masters degree in Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge, Joe Halstead is responsible for executing the growth strategy of Ultimate Performance within Asia.

Joe came to us as being the co-Founder of pan-Asian Pilates chain Options that boasts thirteen studios around Asia, and had the rather – shall we say – dubious honour of helped Nick Mitchell start the path that lead to Ultimate Performance when they both attended Bradford Grammar School way back in 1989 and went to the gym together!

Chris Richards, Manager (Singapore)

Chris is the first UP Personal Trainer to rise all the way from Apprentice to Gym Manager over the course of his 5 years with UP.  He was instrumental in helping to set the results focused nature of the business and was Nick Mitchell’s second in command at UP City.  In 2015 he was given the task of spearheading our new Singapore gym and bringing the local trainers up to UP standards.  He is one of the most experienced and credible Personal Trainers operating anywhere in the world today.

Eduard Baruta, Head of Training (UK)

If Personal Training is our main business, Eduard Baruta keeps us on our toes when it comes to personal training standards and making sure our gym floors are constantly being assessed and refined.

Eduard joined Ultimate Performance in 2010 and is easily one of the UK’s most experienced Personal Trainers.

Joe Warner, Editorial Director

Before he joined Ultimate Performance Joe Warner worked as Deputy Editor of Men’s Fitness magazine and is the subject of Nick Mitchell’s bestselling book The 12 Week Body Plan.

So impressed with the philosophy and innovative nature of Ultimate Performance, Joe offered Nick his services and become our Global Editorial Director!

Dr Dan Reardon, Scientific Adviser

Dr Dan Reardon (MB ChB | BSc(Hons)) acts as the Scientific Adviser to Ultimate Performance so we may continue to educate our Personal Trainers on advances in scientific techniques when it comes to training and fitness.

Dan is also the Science Editor for UK magazine Muscle & Fitness, a practising A&E Doctor in the UK and CEO of the DNA testing company MuscleGenes.

Charles Poliquin, S&C Adviser

Being one of the most familiar names in the global fitness industry, Charles Poliquin acts as an important adviser to Ultimate Performance in relation to Strength & Conditioning matters and as such bases all of his European training camps at UP Marbella.

Poliquin is author to a tonne of principal exercise books, such as The Poliquin Principles, and has written for many magazines including IronMan, Flex and Muscle Media 2000. As a Strength & Conditioning coach he has trained more Olympic medallists than any Coach in history.