It’s always interesting to discover how companies have evolved, and often the beginning starts with a pioneer. Ultimate Performance is no exception.

At our inception, the Personal Training industry was saturated with people disappointed with the unconvincing fitness advice given to them. Nick Mitchell, our founder, described this era as being filled with “ineffectual fitness fluff” and was frustrated with the way it pervaded every aspect of his beloved industry. Nick wanted to simply create a place where people knew that they could get results because they knew and trusted the Personal Trainers that acted as their guides.

Since the founding of Ultimate Performance we believe Nick has succeeded in his goal. The entire standard of British Personal Training has improved greatly since that day, boosted because of the bar set by Ultimate Performance. Of course, if one was to utilise a search engine there would be a large number of UP copycats who on the surface seem to broadcast the same message of method, culture and philosophy. What always seems to be missing, however, is the depth and quantity of results and accolades we have received over the years.

Our first gym opened in May 2009 in London City, held up with a strong team of just two full-time Personal Trainers! Since then, Ultimate Performance has experienced unprecedented growth, with a team of over 65 Personal Trainers. We have four Personal Training gyms around the world, and we will open our first commercial gym in Marbella, Spain in March 2014! This is not such a radical departure from our core business drive, as we intend to use the 15,000 sqft facility as a place for educating thousands of aspiring Personal Trainers worldwide. We also of course run our ever popular Online Personal Training, for those who appreciate and admire our craft but who cannot reach our gyms.

Below is a brief timeline of all our Ultimate Performance Gyms:

Ultimate Performance, City of London: May 2009

Nestled in London’s financial district, our 3,000 sqft personal training facility at it’s opening was the most diverse and fully equipped gym in Europe.


Ultimate Performance, Mayfair London: November 2011

Mayfair in London is famous for its wealthy residents, flashy cars and chalk white architecture. We built a 5,000 sqft gym in Mayfair to reflect this exclusivity. It still remains one of the largest and most equipped personal training gym outside of the USA.

Ultimate Performance, Hong Kong Central District: April 2013

Our 4,000 sq ft personal training gym in Hong Kong is the largest personal training gym in Asia.

Ultimate Performance, Seoul, Korea: January 2014

We are building an incredible complex in the heart of Seoul!

Ultimate Performance, Marbella, Spain: March 2014

Based in San Pedro De Alcantera and just forty-five minutes from Malaga’s international airport, Ultimate Performance in Marbella is a 15,000 sqft commercial, personal training and teaching gym that boasts classrooms, outdoor training space and a unique gym designed by Nick Mitchell himself and none other than Charles Poliquin, world-renowned Olympic Strength Coach.

…And the Future of Ultimate Performance?

By 2015, we aim to open a further 10 Ultimate Performance gyms around the world so we can continue to improve and refine and our methodology and approach as being body composition specialists. By evolving rapidly, but logically, we can bring our expertise to thousands more people around the worldwide who have worked hard for too long under the umbrella of poor coaching and nutrition.